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PostSubject: Hack RP   Hack RP Icon_minitimeFri Feb 23, 2007 9:34 pm

Under Construction.

Akira Hayami walked into the small apartment. Her short, spikyish hair was quite a mess, and her brown eyes showed an expression of exhaustion. Her mother was far too busy with her younger brother, Kouta, to notice her arrival. Akira dropped her bag. " Mom, do you need help? " she asked. " Oh, Akira! No, no I can handle things here. How was you're day? " " Fine. " "Anything new? " " Nope. " " That's good, I suppose. " she said, turning back to Kouta. Akira picked up her bag and went upstairs. She stopped when she saw her other brother, Fumikazu, in his room, on the computer. As always. He had the visual 'goggles' as you might call them, over his eyes. Akira walked into the room, without even knocking. " Are you still playing that game? " She asked. Fumikazu was only about a year younger than Akira, and was on his last year of middle school. He had had the day off from school that day. " What's it to ya'? " Fumikazu asked, not taking his attention away from the screen. " Thats all you ever do! Why dont you go outside and get some exercise for once? " Akira never liked video games, or anything of the sort. She was an outdoorsy girl, and had recently made first string in the schools tennis club. " I get enough excercise! " Fumikazu said with a slight laugh." Yeah right.. " Akira muttered, walking up behind him, looking at the screen. She saw a funny looking avatar, that looked somewhat like Fumikazu. " Is that your character? " She asked, pointing to the avatar. " Yes, as a matter of fact it is. " Fumikazu retorted. " What's this game about anyway? " Akira asked. " Well, It's called The World. You choose your character type, like a wavemaster- which is what I am, or a heavy blade, heavy axe, twin blade, ect. " " What's a wavemaster? It sounds stupid. "
" It is not stupid. A wavemaster is a person who casts spells, and stuff. " " Ah. " Akira said boredly. " I think you'd make a really good heavy blade. It would really suit you! Anyway, there really is no point to the game. All you really do is level up, go adventuring, and collect cool items. But there is the objective to become one of the Descendants of Fianna. " " Descendants of what? " " Fianna! They're the ones who completed the One Sin event. From what I hear, it's impossible! " " Interesting.. "
" Anyway, here. I'll let you pick the coordinates of the field I go to next. " Fumikazu said. " Huh? " " All you have to do is pick three words from the list there. Then I'll get warped to a certain field. " "Um.. okay.. " Akira took the mouse, choosing her first word: Hidden. Fumikazu just watched as she did so. " Pretty interesting way to choose a place.. " she muttered, choosing her next word: Forbidden. When she went to the third list, she saw the word she wanted immidiately: Holy Ground.
" There. " She said, moving, so Fumikazu could use the mouse. " Nice choice of words. "
He commented. the screen changed, and the scenery around Fumikazu's avatar was quite a creepy looking church. Akira's looked closely at the screen. The graphics were quite scary, even though they were fake. Akira's mom called for her to come downstairs, and she did so, leaving the room wordlessly. walking downstairs. " Could you run an errand for me? I forgot to do the shoppig for dinner tonight, and.. " her mother trailed off. " Yeah, sure. " Akira slipped on her shoes. Her mother handed her some money, and she left. She soon came back, putting the grocery bags on the counter. " Thank you Akira. " " No problem. " Akira spoke with a slight smile, going to the couch, sitting down and watching TV. After about an hour or so, her mother called to her once more. " Akira, dinner's ready. Go call your brother. " " 'Kay! " Akira said, getting up from the couch, going to Fumikazu's room. She stopped dead in her tracks at what she saw. Her brother was on the floor, the game controller was still in his hand. He had been knocked unconcious. She looked at the computer screen. It flashed the text: "System Error". She went and kneeled down beside her brother. He barely had a pulse. "What could have done this?!". And that brings us to where she is now. Fumikazu had fallen into a coma. She sat by his bedside, looking down at him. She was trying not to jump to conclusions. The doctors didnt even know the cause of this. " What happened? Was it the game? But a game can't possibly have the power to put someone in a coma.. But theres no other explanations.. Those words, I chose.. Hidden, Forbidden, Holy Ground.. Did I do this? ". Akira went back home. Her mother had gone back home already, not being able to bear the site of her son like this.

Flower petals fell from all around, as Akira looked up into the midnight sky. " Where am I..?". She cuaght site of a girl, it a white dress. She looked like she could be Akira's twin, but at the same time completely different. Akira tried to walk over to the girl, but her legs felt asthough they were being weighed down. She tries to call out to the girl, but her voice is caught in her throat. In an instant, the girl appears in front of Akira, her face is covered in blood, aswell as her dress. Akira tried to scream, but nothing came out. The girl carried a massive sword. She put the hilt in Akira's trembling hand.

And that's when she woke up. She had been having this same dream for the past few weeks. ever since Fumikazu had fallen into a coma. " This has to stop.. " Akira muttered to herself, burying her face in her hands. It was about 12:00 at night, on a Friday. She a;ways woke up at that same time. She got up from the bed, going over to the computer. It was now or never. She was going to join "The World". Akira had come to the conclusion that whatever had made her brother fall into a coma, The World was definately part of the cause. There was nothing else that could possibly be it. Fumikazu was very healthy, so it wasnt past health problems. And this was the only semi rational cause. Akira went to the homw page of the World, clicking "Register".
There came the point when she had to put in her username. After thinking about it for a long time, she finally entered: BlackRose. Relating to her reoccuring dream.
She filled in her email, password, and everything, and then she came to the part where she had to pick what kind of character she was going to be. "I think you'd make a really good heavy blade. It would really suit you!" The words Fumikazu had spoken before, echoed in her head. After she finished filling out the registration form, she hit submit, and BlackRose took her first steps into The World.
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